In The Studio

Since I paint so large I find it helps to sketch things out on big newsprint. I also use a projector to see what the composition looks like big. Sometimes I float when I am working – at least it feels like it when I’m doing it right. Most of my pieces take over a month to complete, actually it’s …


The ARC goes to China!

The ARC was invited to Shenzhen China to display the Asteroid Response Center Installation and speak to the media at全国大众创业万众创新活动周  or Shenzhen Public Startup and Mass Entrepreneurship Activity Week.   This was done thru Space Gambit and Szoil aka Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab.


Silk Installations

Lately I have been working on turning my silks into installations – like this project with the painting Ghosts. I work cutting out certain elements, then animating it. I usually work with Ben aka VJ Bent Horizon – we hope to use this video for projection mapping and other interactive type installations. This Ghost ball will spin and flicker.